Company Profile

CK Chits Bangalore is Your Trusted Financial Partner

CK Chits in Bangalore was established and successfully running since August 26th, 2016. We’re government registered private limited company that was incorporated according to the Companies Act 1952 and carrying out chit funds activity completely according to the set rules and regulations by the authorities. CK Chits is currently running with 1 crore monthly turnover and it’s headed by 15 most experienced professionals’ team members of the chit industry. These team members experience and expertise is a greatest driving force for the organization to transact everything clean and white along with strict adherence of the set guidelines. We do not want to limit our expertise and professional services for one branch and very soon many of our branches are going to establish all over the Bangalore as well as the entire state of Karnataka too. It is our goal and aim to reach 100 crore turn over per year by expanding our own branches all over in making it convenient for all our prospective customers.

Chit History

The genesis of chits has an ancient history, unlike the Modern Banking System which are borrowed from the concepts from the western countries.Chit is an indigenous form of investing and borrowing that has evolved, perfected and adopted to suit the needs of our country.

Chit funds are the Indian equivalent of the Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCA), which are popular in many countries such as Cambodia, Korea and Indonesia. Chits are an important financial tool, providing access to finance for both small and medium enterprises and individuals with pressing cash requirements.

According to the book written by Edith Jemima Simcox, The 'Malabar Kuri' the chit fund system existed even during ancient Dravidian Times and is somewhat similar to the systems that existed in China.

The usual term used Is 'Chitty' from where 'Chit' comes whereas 'Kuri' or 'Panam Payattu' is the name employed in Cochin And Malabar regions.Chit Fund became a very popular in the 19th century, when Ruler Of erstwhile Cochin State, Raja Rama Varma, gave a loan to a Syrian Christian Traders.

CK Chits Future Plans

CK chits is definitely planned and determined to expand it further by spreading all over Bangalore and Karnataka. We’re headed by strong team of experienced intellects and this team is intended to venture into academic sector too. There is a future plan to expand CK Chits with multiple branches besides having determination to venture into academic sector too by establishing education institutes all over the Bangalore and Karnataka too.

Our education institutions main aim is to provide quality education to all. Already, all the needed steps in this regard are in progress. Very soon you will be seeing many of our CK chits’ branches as well as education institutions at main areas of the city and all across the Karnataka state.

MD’s Message

Sri. Krishna Murthy R Managing Director

CK Chits headed by Sri. Krishna Murthy R as MD. Our MD is a versatile personality with experiences in various popular industries. He has been a property developer for more than ten years besides into film industry too for more than five years as producer.

His overall experience in banking sector is also quite noteworthy that is to a tune of above 15 years. Currently, his experience and expertise in the various sectors is standing a great support in running the organization more effectively. Importantly, he is a greatest motivation for the entire staff in reaching their goals too. CK Chits totally driven with utmost determination to be a top successful one in Bangalore and Karnataka. We made it as a trusted platform for the common public for saving their money in the form of small chunks monthly as chits. Your money is always in the safe and trusted hands to be of useful for your in urgent needs.