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Welcome to Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd

CK Chits in Bangalore was established and successfully running since August 26th, 2016. We’re government registered private limited company that was incorporated according to the Companies Act 1952 and carrying out chit funds activity completely according to the set rules and regulations by the authorities.

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Allows you to Invest

This allows you to invest as per your needs and spending habits

Financial Exigencies

A subscriber can bid for the amount he requires in financial emergencies

Steady Returns

Steady returns because dividends are earned every month

Hassle-free Documentation

You can get the funds on time without much requirement of extensive paper works

Regular Saving

Because of our schemes you start a habit of compulsory and regular saving every month

Market Conditions

Investments are not affected by any market conditions


"Normally I do not prefer chits as an option for investment. However when I heard that Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. is a registered chit fund company I decided to invest with them. The joining process and the documentation were very smooth and the process was explained efficiently. The staff of Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. are very professional and the statements and updates are sent regularly through email."

-Sampath Kumar
Chit Value: 1 Lakh
Nature of Work: Vegetable store

"I recently used the services of Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. where I had contributed in savings by becoming a member in their chit and it came it very handy to me during my daughter’s wedding. The safe saving habits given by Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. are highly appreciated and I highly recommend one and all to save for any eventuality"

-R Venkatesh
Chit value: 5Lakh
Nature of Work: Fancy Tailor

"I had shortlisted a plot of land for purchase in a prime location in Bangalore. After ascertaining that it would take me 2 months to obtain bank funding, I approached Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. After listening to my concern, they provided me instant solutions and structured a scheme which made me the proud owner of this land today"

Chit Value: 5 Lakh
Nature of Work: provision store

"My husband and I wanted to start saving on a monthly basis and Sri Chaithra Kirana Chits Pvt. Ltd. was the only company who was very transparent with their clients by giving the breakups of all the instalments. The best attribute of this company is that they are excellent in follow ups before and after signing up."

-Ambuja T
Chit Value: 1 Lakh
Nature of Work: Fancy store