CK Chits Truly Reliable for Your Financial Needs & Endeavors

  • Every chit group needs payment of monthly subscription by the participating customers and investors or subscribers. Here, the procedure is simple that chit value divided by total number of subscribers. The common rule is that every chit group will have same members and same monthly subscriptions like 50 members and 50 monthly subscriptions.
  • For example, there is a chit group with 50 members with monthly subscription as rupees 10000. Then, this chit group is 5,00,000 worth that is divided by 50 participating 50 subscribers. Similarly, our foreman deposits these 5,00,000 rupees with the Registrar of Chits at the beginning of the chit group commencement for the subscribers’ security too.
  • The subscription amount may not be total amount here in the chit groups. We allow subscribers with flexibility for taking the chit amount while the group is under progress. Take for example one of the subscriber is in the urgent need of some money, then we allow that subscriber for closure of chit by for going certain amount in the whole chit value. This will allow the subscriber to have the money at their need. This will be allowed every month in a way the member can forgo certain amount from the chit value. This allocation will be made in monthly meeting with all members. Here, subscribers will get to pay reduced amount on their monthly subscription, where the forgo member’s deducted chit value will be divided to rest all members. This is creating benefit for other members besides allowing one to have the money on his/her necessity. Here, we follow strict rules in discounting the chit value. The chit groups with duration as 25 or 30 or 40 months are limited to discount only up to 30% while chit groups 50 and above months allowed to discount up to 40%. This discounted amount will be shared among the rest members through deducting their chit monthly subscription amount.
  • The mentioned bidding process for the chit amount in general continues until the completion of the tenure.

CK Chits made its name for the more serenity and clarity. We transact everything with the thorough knowledge of the participating members and investors. The entire process is always kept open besides strictly following the all necessary rules and regulations too.